About Us

Zalure was founded in 2017 by Pamela Van Stein who shares a deep passion for Fashion and Fashion-Statement jewelry with duo promise to add drama to your everyday life with glamorous accessories.

Zalure is known for its Luxurious Jewelry Collection. We use the finest materials for our pieces. Most of our jewelry’s are hand crafted using thick layers of precious stones of the best available grade. We are very keen on details, symmetry and precision.

We focus on clean lines and great quality materials. A carefully curated selection of jewelry’s! Combining into the ultimate elegance and very extravagance pieces. Some of our pieces are designed by us and are real “masterpieces”

Jewelry’s have always been a part of mankind history and remain to be so in the present. In earlier times, Jewels were meant to indicate cultural, social status and significance. Today, people wear jewels for a variety of reasons; some sport it to add zing to their fashion ensemble. Others rock a couple of bracelets matching necklace to express their individuality.

Of course many women wear jewels to profess their love for fashion. But whatever your reasons may be, big chance at Zalure you will find that piece of jewelry of your desire wearable day in day out and night in night out, dependent of the occasion.